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Welcome to the project page for our work on Å Energi. Glitre Energi and Agder Energi are merging to create the Nordic region’s most forward-looking renewable energy group.

We have chosen a new name: Å Energi. Simple, straight forward and forward-looking–a name full of power.


The name is a reference to both our origins in hydropower and the letter å, which is a distinctive element of the Norwegian language. “Å” is the Norwegian infinitive marker (like “to” in English). It precedes all action–which is what is needed if we are to achieve our goal of a world powered by clean energy. In Norway, there is a saying that “Many small streams make a mighty Å (river)”. Similarly, we must work together to solve our energy-related challenges. Å Energi is a simple and uniquely Norwegian name, which can help us to stand out everywhere in the world. It says something about where we come from, and where we are going.

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A new name

After an inclusive and engaging process involving employees at both companies, we have found a name that we think is just right for us. The merger between Glitre Energi and Agder Energi is due to be completed in mid-December 2022. We will start using our new name Å Energi during the first quarter of 2023. The name was suggested by one of our own employees. Watch the video about our hunt for a name: “We are called Å Energi”

About us

Our most important social mission is to increase the production of clean, affordable renewable energy, to ensure that the electricity is distributed efficiently around our network, and to develop new and better energy-related services in Norway and the Nordic region–for our customers in rural and urban areas, industry and commerce, premises and homes. That is the only long-term, sustainable response to the energy crisis and the threat of climate change. We want to help develop new industries and jobs in Buskerud and Agder. We will play an important role in the Norwegian and Nordic electric power system, and will we continue to grow by developing our own business.

It would be hard to come up with a easier name for a dynamic energy company that will play an important role in the green energy transition.

Group CEO Steffen Syvertsen, Å Energi

The merger will create a leading electricutility with activities throughout the value chain.

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Hydro power

11,3 TWh

Transmission & Distribution

310 000

Household market

210 000

Business Market

20 TWh

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